Verses of the Quran
"The day whereon everybody will be called with their respective leader."

Sura Bani-Israel 17:71

"But he whom Allah leaves to stray,-for him you will find no protector to lead him to the right way."

Sura Al-Kahf 18:17

Sayings of the Holy Prophet
"The foundation of intellect is belief in the divine and being good to the others."

"The foundation of wisdom is understanding the divine." "May the mercy of Allah be with you for your victory in the lesser Jihad and prepare you for the greater Jihad which will be against the nafs."


Holy Speeches
"Hazrat Muhammad put on his two caps of Belayet one on my head & another cap on my elder brother Gausul Azam Hazrat Syed Abdul Kader Jilani(R)."

"Select food like the pigeon. Do not eat the forbidden food. Praise Allah along with your children. "Be converted into the soul of angel."

Hazrat Gausul Azam Shah Ahmadullah (R)

Holy Speeches
" A leaf never becomes a leaf of gold, but a leaf can be converted to a leaf of gold by the order of the Wali Allah (Friends of Allah)"

"I am folded with the characteristics of Allah generous like nature; so I keep myself Silent."

Hazrat Gausul Azam Gulamur Rahman Bababhandari(R)

Holy Speeches
" Baba Bhandari is crowned with the honourship of Gausul Azam.He has earned a vast treasury.I am the keyman of this treasury.No body will be able to dislock it without Me."

"Love for holy Prophet is the greatest wealth. It is only way of salvation in this world and the hereafter."

"Keep yourself away from those worst men who do not pay due respect to our Holy Prophet "

Hazrat Syed Abul Bashar (R)

Holy Speeches
"A Sufi is a person whose heart is a mirror of the light of Allah. He does not speak before he knows; his words come from his heart."

Hazrat Gausul Azam Abdul Qader Jilani(R)

Holy Speeches
"Here you should lose your 'self and search for the lost 'self' in existence."


Holy Speeches
" Holy love (Allah) and Mohammad were Chained in the same thread"

Maoulana Rumi (R)

Holy Speeches
"The first recognized is Dhat (Essence) and the second recognized are sifat (activities & qualities). You first perceive the dhat (Essence) of Zayd and then his sifat (activities & qualities) like his knowledge, intelligence, etc."

" Within you there are certain items: (1) Body (2) mind (3) Ruh (soul) (4) Sirr (secret) (5) Nur (light) (6) Reality (the Absolute Dhat)."

Baba Mainuddin (M.J.A)