Painting , beautiful handwriting competitions and prize-giving ceremony organized by National Children & Adolescent Organization : "Mainia Shishu-Kishore Mela" On 23rd March,2018, Friday at TSC Dhaka University.

Dhaka 24 March -2018

If the hidden talent of children and adolescents can be developed, they'll take the country Forward : Speakers at the prize giving ceremony of the "Mainia Sishu-Kishore Mela"

On 23rd March,2018, Friday,
Painting , beautiful handwriting competitions and prize-giving ceremony organized by National Children & Adolescent Organization : "Mainia Shishu-Kishore Mela"
was held at the "Shwaparjito Shadhinata Chattar" of University Of Dhaka on the occasion of "The Independent Day Of Bangladesh".
This year its #9th time, "Mainia Sishu-Kishore Mela" arranging country's biggest art competition.
Over 400 participants took part in this #biggest painting competition of Bangladesh.
Shahjada-E-Gausul Azam Maizbhandari, Vice-Chairman Of "Mainia Sishu-Kishore Mela", Hazrat Shahjada Syed Hasnain-E-Mainuddin Al Hasani (M.J A) was honourable chief guest of the ceremony.
In his speech, he said that,
The Great philosophers, Sufi Saints are the lighthouses of our spiritual consciousness.
Holy life philosophy of the Great Awliya ALLAH, Sufi Saints Of Maizbhandar Darbar Shareef is, universal love & affection.
Today, there is a rift between family relations, unity and bondage and that's why the children & teenagers are going astray.
We are failing to put a great example in front of them. As a result, they are becoming self-centered and inhuman.
He said that, The Great Sufi Saint, Hazrat Shahsufi Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Al Hasani Maizbhandari (Q) Loved the children with so much affection.
"Mainia Shishu-Kishore Mela" is arranging many creative and basic programs, in order to build children's mentality in the light of His brilliant, colorful, enlightened life-style & philosophy.
He urged progressive people of society
to spread the creative arrangements of "Mainia Shishu-Kishore Mela", across the country.
Earlier honourable provost of the "F.Rahman" hall of the University Of Dhaka, Dr. A.K.M. saiful islam inaugurated the ceremony.
He said, every child has bright prospects and talents which are hidden inside it.
If children can focus on creative work through proper care, they will rich and illuminated as well as the country and nation will go forward through them.
Children will be able to build a prosperous country, if they're tought moral & Islamic values from their early life.
Professor of the "Philosophy depertment" of the University Of Dhaka, Dr. Anisuzzaman was honourable special guest.
Executive director of "Mainia Sishu-Kishore Mela" Ashrafia Ali Ahmed Nantu directed the ceremony.
Office secretary of "Anjuman-E-Rahmania Mainia Maizbhandaria" Shah S.M Akhtaruzzaman,Md. Osman ali, International secretary of Anjuman E Rahmania Mainia Maizbhandaria, Coordinator of Dhaka district Mainia Jubo Forum, Shah Muhammad Aslam Hussain, Advisor of "Mainia Jubo Forum (Dhaka district)", Professor Md. Nazrul Islam, Convener Of Mainia Jubo Forum (South), Fayez ahmed, Member secretary of the coordination committee of "Mainia Jubo Forum (Dhaka Metropolitan) " Md. Golam Rabbi, Joint convener of "Mainia Youth Forum (Dhaka Metropolitan South) ", Md Jamal khan,
Joint convener of "Mainia Youth Forum (Dhaka Metropolitan North ), Chowdhury Md. Hussain, Md. Ripon,MYF secretary Dhk Medical Hospital unit Md. Shayamol took part in discussion.
The competitors took part in 4 special groups called "Golap Kuri ", " Beli", " Rajanigandha", "Hasnahena".
About 40 participants were awarded for their extraordinary talent.
Honourable Chief Guest, Hazrat Shahjada Syed Hasnain-E-Mainuddin Al Hasani (M.J.A) and Dr. Anisuzzaman gave away the prizes among the winners gave the prizes among the winners.

Verses of the Quran
"Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching."

- Sura Al Nahl 16:125

"And those who have been slain in the way of Allah,never think of them as dead; as they are alive with their lord,get their subsistence."

– Sura A'le Imran 3:169

"Show us the straight way,the way of those on whom you have bestowed your grace."

– Sura Al- Faatihah 1:5-6

"Undoubtedly he attained to his goal,who purifies it (soul) and he failed who covered it in sin or corrupts it."

– Sura Shams 91:09-10

"And say you, Work on, now Allah will behold your work and so his apostles and the believers."

– Sura At-Taubah 09:105

"But Allah was not going send them a penalty whilst you were among them."

-Sura Al-Anfal 08:33

"And he whom Allah leaves to stray,-for him you wil find no guidance or protection to lead him to the right way."

– Sura Al-Kahf 15:17

"Verily , the mercy of Allah is with the friends of Allah."

– Sura Al-Araf 08:56

Sayings of the Holy Prophet
"Allah said,'Whoever comes against one of My saints, I will declare war against him.'"
"Allah's saints are under his domes. No one knows them except Him."

– Hadith-E-Qudsi

Holy Speeches
"Hunger is a rain cloud.If a servant is hungry, Allah will shower his heart with wisdom."

– Hazrat Bayazid Bistami (R)

Holy Speeches
"Hazrat Muhammad put on his two caps of Belayet one on my head & another cap on my elder brother Gausul Azam Hazrat Syed Abdul Kader Jilani(R)." "Select food like the pigeon. Do not eat the forbidden food. Praise Allah along with your children. "Be converted into the soul of angel."

–Hazrat Gausul Azam Shah Ahmadullah (R)

Holy Speeches
" A leaf never becomes a leaf of gold, but a leaf can be converted to a leaf of gold by the order of the Wali Allah (Friends of Allah)" "I am folded with the characteristics of Allah generous like nature; so I keep myself Silent."

-Hazrat Gausul Azam Shah Gulamur Rahman Bababhandari(R)

Holy Speeches
" Baba Bhandari is crowned with the honourship of Gausul Azam.He has earned a vast treasury.I am the keyman of this treasury.No body will be able to dislock it without Me." "Oh Moinuddin! As you have taken the responsibility of my desciples,I am free from all tension and anxities." "Love for holy Prophet is the greatest wealth. It is only way of salvation in this world and the hereafter." "Keep yourself away from those worst men who do not pay due respect to our Holy Prophet ."

– Hazrat Syed Abul Bashar(R)

Holy Speeches
"If Eid-E-Miladunnabi is observed under the leadership of Government, all kinds of crisis will disapper from the state." " Make your heart fresh with the remembrance of Allah." " Salvation of this world and the hereafter depends our sending durud and salutation on our holy Prophet with due respect and honour." "The first recognized is Dhat (Essence) and the second recognized are sifat (activities & qualities). You first perceive the dhat (Essence) of Zayd and then his sifat (activities & qualities) like his knowledge, intelligence, etc." " Within you there are certain items: (1) Body (2) mind (3) Ruh (soul) (4) Sirr (secret) (5) Nur (light) (6) Reality (the Absolute Dhat)."

– Hazrat Baba Mainuddin Al Hasani(M.J.A.)