SUFIS conference stresses inclusion of more lessons in textbooks

SUFIS conference stresses inclusion of more lessons in textbooks

CHITTAGONG, September 28, 2013 – Sufi Unity for International Solidarity (SUFIS) has suggested inclusion of larger issues of moral education in textbooks as efforts by guardians and teachers in instilling the sense of morality into the children appeared inadequate.

In a statement summarizing the inputs deriving from a conference of educationists, religious scholars and spiritual leaders at the southeastern port city of Chittagong earlier this week, the forum said moral erosion and spread of drug abuse surpassed most other social problems due to eroding values.

“The guidance by the family and teachers now appeared to have little impact on younger generation while thousands of them now became victims of drug abuse and moral degradation,” the statement said.

To overcome the situation, it said, the guardians must enforce a sympathetic vigil on their offspring while the authorities need to think inclusion of issues of universal morality in a time befitting manner in the curriculum.

“The guardians as well as the teachers must realize and put in their efforts to make the children understand that achieving good marks in exams and success in career is not enough, one must simultaneously develop a liberal attitude, good character and acquire other human quality for becoming a good person,” the SUFIS said.

It said the guardians could keep their children in the right track by offering them freedom with limit particularly in terms of their expenditures alongside keeping an eye on their movements in social level. On the other hand, the state must intensify the campaign against drug trading even deploying army troops if required to stop drug abuse alongside keeping an eye on spread of immorality through the Internet.

“But inclusion of liberal Sufi ideals and religious instructions on moral issues in curriculum now appeared crucial to instill into the children the sense of morality to save the posterity,” the statement read.

The conference was held at the Chitagong Press Club with chairman of the SUFIS and leading spiritual personality Alhaj Syed Saifuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari moderating the event.“The biographies of the prophets and spiritual figures can give an insight to our children . . . none of them can be derailed if they can understand the lessons of Quran and ideals of Prophet Muhammad,” he said. Syed Saifuddin added: “The exposure of the impersonal and greedless lifestyle could widely prevent the current trend of demoralization.”

The conference was joined, among others, by Public Prosecutor Advocate Abul Hasem, Professor Dr. Anwar Hossain, Alhajj Maulana Mufti Baktiar Uddin, Principal Muhammad Fariduddin Aktar,Sufis Chittagong Convenor Advocate Kazi Mohsin Chudhury,Alhaj Muhammad Kabir Chudhury,Alhaj Muhammadur Rahman F C A,Deputy Director of Islamic Foundation Bangladesh Md Muniruzzaman,Professor Md Yunus Hasan-Joint Secretary of BCS Cadre Forum,Syed Muhammad Siraj Ud-Daula-Convenor of World Citizen Forum, Principal Maulana Rezaul Karim,Jont Secretary of SUFIS Chittagong city Maulana Muhammad Nizamuddin Ashrafi, Abdullah Al Murad,Maulana Shafiul Alam Zihadi,Principal Maulana Baker Ansari,Professor Kamrun Nahar Lipi,Alhaj Borhanuddin,Banker Yousuf Reza Mintu,Kazi Muhammad Sahidullah,Mozaher Alam.

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