DHAKA, April 12 - Maizbhandari Parshad today demanded stern actions against the perpetrators of violence against the followers of the spiritual centre in Fatikchhari of Chittagong as suspected hartal activists attacked dozens of buses carrying them to the shrine earlier this month.

"We demand exemplary punishment of the perpetrators of the planned attack on April 4," the Parishad's president Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizbhandari told a press conference joined by the incumbent spiritual leaders of the century old Islamic centre that preaches Sufism and interfaith harmony.

He added: "Maizbhandar Darbar draws millions of devotees from across the country and abroad and therefore we have a responsibility for them when they are under attack".

Leading spiritual personalities Maulana Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari and Maulana Syed Mujibul Bashar Maizbhandari were present at the crowded press conference at the national press Club where the Parishad's secretary Syed saifuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari read out a statement.

"Even the elderly and minor children were not spared by the attackers . . . most of the devotees could not have their meals and drink for over 12 hours as the attackers carried out their vandalism in the name of holy Islam," he said while a brief video clipping at the conference showed the sequences of the attack and miseries of the injured devotees.

Saifuddin Ahmed said despite their earlier assurances of keeping
the Maizbhandari vehicles beyond the strike as published in several
newsapers, the hartal callers lanched barbaric attcks on the devotees.

Earlier reports said the activists of Fazlul Haque Amini-led Islamic Oikya Jote (IOJ) faction set on fire a petrol pump at Hathazari area at the outskirts of Chittagong city and vandalised over 50 vehicles mostly carrying devotees to Maizbhandar Darbar on the occasion of an annual Urs of Shahsufi Syed Golamur Rahman.

"They (attackers) even continued their vandalism until late in the evening while the hartal ended at 6pm. They spared none," an elderly injured woman was seen saying in the video footage showing her broken arm.

A young devotee who had received head injury questioned in the visual documentary, "Is it the Islam they talk about?"

The OIJ faction and their supporters also went on the rampage at several other places as the rightwing group called a nationwide general strike against the National Women Policy calling it anti- Islamic, a claim strongly rejected by the government and religious scholars.

The parishad president said being a nonpolitical spiritual institution Maizbhandari never believed in violence to create anarchy as Islam strongly denounces it but "we demand the punishment of the perpetrators of the attack on us for the sake of justice".

"But we will be forced to go for tough actions unless the culprits are exposed to justice," Nazibul bashor said.
On that conference among Maizbhandari Shaikhs Syed Habibul Bashor Maizbhandari,Syed Mujibul Bashor Maizbhandari,Syed Jashim uddin Maizbhandari,Syed Nazim Uddin Maizbhandari,Syed Mahtabul Bashor Maizbhandari,Syed Aftabul Bashor Maizbhandari,Syed Tayubul Bashor Maizbhandari were present.

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- Sura Al Nahl 16:125

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– Sura A'le Imran 3:169

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– Sura Al- Faatihah 1:5-6

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